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About Advance


Advance Australia Party (Advance) is a registered political party for the forthcoming NSW state election on March 23.


Party Leader: Raymond Robert Stanton Brown


Advance have had enough of the current political climate and its effect on us, our families and future generations. How is Australia going to cope with 100 million people living in Australia? Where is the planning for the future? Our current infrastructure is being put together piecemeal however our population continues to grow and we need planning and thought to move forward successfully.


Party leader Ray Brown is a former Deputy and Acting Mayor of the Hills Shire Council. He ran a building design business for 47 years, is a Justice of the Peace, Immediate Past National President and life member of the Building Designers Association of Australia, a former NSW Divisional President of the Master Builders Association, 41 years as a licensed builder and 31 years gold member of the Housing Industry Association.


Ray's skill sets could best be described as ‘leadership’ and ‘bringing people together’.  Making this Country better, is in the forefront of his agenda.


On Advance's social media pages Ray reads every comment and respects everyone’s opinion. Through these posts we recognise that there are so many passionate people out there who are genuinely wanting to make a difference and we should be harnessing this positive energy for the benefit of our Country.



The one item that stands out our my minds, as to us all trying to work together, is the Australian Progressives Party’s mantra of, “Evidence, not opinion.” If we could all respectfully keep this our core value, it would help us solve some of the most contentious issues out there. As a united team, we could bring about the changes necessary to solve these issues.


We have always said, don’t blame people for not ‘getting’ what you are saying, blame onesself as one has not articulated it well enough to bring people along for the journey. Arguing achieves nothing but divisiveness.


The Advance team are not about being career politicians, it is about making a difference to our Nation - and we hope that you will support us in this.


If we are elected to the NSW Legislative Council on March 23, we expect and want to be judged upon our leadership and forward planning record at the end of our term, as we won't be expecting to be returned otherwise.


We regard leadership as the art of energising and mobilising the creative and intellectual resources of all people being led. Imagine what Australia can become if we all did our very best for it. You alone may accomplish very little but united as a team we can change anything. When "I" becomes "we", anything is possible.


We also promise not to spend billions of public dollars into private hands as we have seen. Remember what Winston Churchill once said, “There is nothing government can give you that it hasn’t taken from you in the first place”.


We look forward to representing you in NSW Parliament.







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